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Daikin launches Africa’s First Inverter Air Conditioning System Featuring the green refrigerant, R-32

November 2018

Designed specifically for this region, the new range offers high energy efficiency and performance with less global warming impact

Daikin the world’s leading manufacturer of heating, cooling and refrigerant products, announced the launch of the world’s first Inverter Split Wall Mounted unit, GTKL-TV1, specially designed for African market conditions. With this new launch, Daikin takes a big leap forward in its commitment to developing environment-friendly products for global markets. The new range features the use of R-32, an alternative refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential as compared to the previously used R-22, and lower global warming potential than R-410A.

Having ratified the Montreal Protocol, African countries must phase down depletion materials to almost zero by 2030, including the R-22 refrigerant used in AC equipment. Although a limited amount (2.5%) of ozone depleting refrigerants will remain available between 2030 and 2040 for servicing older cooling equipment, it will not be sufficient to replenish the needs  unless conversion to alternative refrigerants in new equipment is implemented soon. Considering the lifetime of equipment, Daikin believes it is crucial to start using non-ozone depleting refrigerant in new A/Cs as soon as possible.

Sana Hamdani, DX Product Manager, Daikin MEA, said: “The new Daikin split A/C range uses the low GWP and zero ODP refrigerant, R-32, along with the unique Daikin Swing compressor, to offer the highest real-life energy efficiency with minimal impact to the environment. We have also revamped the casing design and other specifications to enhance customer experience while offering the most advanced in efficient and responsible cooling.”

Daikin’s GTKL-TV1 has been specially designed for this region. Besides providing powerful and efficient cooling, the new range can also withstand the widest voltage range of 160-265V, for an AVS free operation. The standard anti-corrosion protection and a robust design make this range resistant to rough handling and transportation.

“Designed to meet the constraining requirements of the African market, such as an unstable power supply, the newly developed Daikin air conditioners will exceed end-user expectations by offering year-round powerful and efficient cooling without compromising on design, comfort or reliability.” said Robert Kagabo, Department Manager- Africa Sales – Daikin MEA.

“Daikin’s inverter technology is perfectly suited to climate conditions across the Middle East and Africa. The smart inverter technology is manufactured to provide users with continuous adjustment of the unit’s capacity through variable speeds, without stopping, whereas traditional systems regulate temperature by switching the compressor on and off resulting in temperature fluctuations. Daikin’s success is in large part, due to the deep understanding and strong relationships that we have with our dealers in Africa. It was imperative for us to go into these new markets with our partners as the local knowledge they have about the region, the target demography and their respective requirements, are instrumental in developing and maintaining high-quality products and services,” explained Abbas Mohamed Miraj, Regional Director – Africa & Near East Sales – Daikin MEA.

“Daikin has planned for an effective marketing campaign to create DAIKIN INVERTER impact through inverter awareness program (AWP) targeting every stakeholder. The campaign will be running for a full year to build consumer awareness of inverters and the superior R-32 refrigerant”, added Taleih Halaby, Marketing Manager of Daikin Middle East & Africa.

The launch event took place at Daikin’s factory in India, with the presence of our key distributors and dealers across the Africa region.

About Daikin  

Daikin Industries is the World’s HVAC Leader with more than 70,000 employees worldwide. Daikin is engaged primarily in the development, manufacture, sales and aftermarket support of air conditioning, heating, ventilation, refrigeration equipment, refrigerants and other chemicals, as well as oil hydraulic products. Daikin Industries is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, with 90 global production basis & presence in 150 countries worldwide.

Daikin Middle East & Africa promotes and provides aftermarket support for a full range of air conditioning equipment and systems in All GCC, Middle East and Africa regions.


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