Floor Standing

The ideal way to save space, our floor-standing units can easily be installed along a perimeter wall. The air distribution from these models will allow you to find the right balance for classrooms, hospital rooms, office hallways or similar spaces.



Individual Control

You can operate each unit independently to get the temperature you want only in the rooms where you need it.

Energy and Cost Savings

Advanced inverter and heat pump technologies give you the highest possible efficiency and energy savings at lower costs.

Flexible Installation

Daikin compact air conditioners are easy to install, even in homes where space is limited.

Extensive Product Range 

Our wide range of models means that you can choose the style and performance which suits your home best.


Direct Air Blow Type

Direct air blow from indoor unit with plenum

Comfortable factory air conditioning using multiple indoor units installed in accordance with the space.

Installation is next to walls, so units will not affect the factory layout even if the changes are made.

Duct Connection Type

Air blow via connected ducts

Comfortable air conditioning of the entire factory by connecting a blow duct at the top of the indoor unit.

Note: Ducts to be procured locally