Maximum number of connectable indoor units 2,500 (2)
Maximum number of connectable outdoor units 400 (3)
Input PC Browser   Google Chrome v58 or later, Internet Explorer v11, Mozilla Firefox v54 or later
    Software   Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Microsoft Server 2012 and 2016
Communication Protocol Type   To iTM: server network interface - ethernet, To PMS: server internal port
Required hardware DCM601A51 - intelligent Touch Manager - Ver. 1.23.00 or higher
Required software option(s) DCM007A51 - HTTP Web interface option for intelligent Touch Manager
Compatible PMS protocol Oracle PMS: FIAS - non cloud version, see note for details
Connectable unit Indoor, outdoor, hydrobox, ventilation types of iTM management points
Maximum number of iTM 5 (5)
Language support English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish (Suomi), Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Serbian
Notes (1) - Compatible Oracle PMS versions: Opera v5.0.03.03 e43, v5.0.04.01 e24, v5.0.04.02 e17, v5.0.04.02 e17, v5.0.04.03 e10, v5.0.05.00 and higher
  (2) - 5 x 500 indoor units per iTM controller
  (3) - 5 x 80 outdoor systems per iTM controller
  (4) - Free to download software, license key in physical format (paper)
  (5) - 1 license DCM010A51 and DCM007A51 required per iTM controller