Specifications Table for DCS601C51

Maximum number of connectable indoor units 64, 128 (1)
Maximum number of connectable outdoor units 10, 20 (1)
Dimensions Unit Height mm 147
    Width mm 230
    Depth mm 107
LCD Type   QVGA (320 x 240), 4,096 colours
  Dimensions Width inch 5.7
Input Type   Touch panel (10 bit encoded analog input)
Communication DIII-NET Quantity   1
    Remark   Air conditioning equipment communication line
  Ethernet Remark   Port for web access and e-mail function
  RS-232C Remark   DIII-NET plus adapter
  10BASE-T Remark   Web option
  Modem Remark   Onboard modem capability
  PCMCIA Remark   Flash memory card
  Input terminal Digital Quantity   1
      Remark   Forced shutdown
    Pulse Quantity   3
      Remark   Power measuring pulse
Ambient temperature Ambient temperature-=-Relative humidity <-=-% % 85
Power supply Frequency Hz 50/60
  Voltage V 100-240 (externally supplied)
Notes (1) - Combined with DCS601A51