Specifications Table for RXYSQ-TYFK

Recommended combination 2 x FXSQ32A2VEB + 2 x FXSQ40A2VEB
Cooling capacity Prated,c kW 15.25 (1)
Capacity range HP 6
Maximum number of connectable indoor units 64
Indoor index connection Min.   140
  Nom.   140
  Max.   182
Dimensions Unit Height mm 1,615
    Width mm 940
    Depth mm 460
Weight Unit kg 175
Compressor Type   Hermetically sealed scroll compressor
Operation range Cooling Min. °CDB -5.0
    Max. °CDB 52.0
  Heating Min. °CWB -20.0
    Max. °CWB 15.5
Refrigerant Type   R-410A
  GWP   2,087.5
  Charge kg 7.00
  Charge TCO2Eq 14.6
Piping connections Liquid Type   Braze connection
    OD mm 9.52
  Gas Type   Braze connection
    OD mm 22.2
  Total piping length System Actual m 300 (7)
Power supply Phase   3N~
  Frequency Hz 50/60
  Voltage V 380-415/400
Notes (1) - Cooling: indoor temp. 27°CDB, 19°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB; equivalent piping length: 7.5m; level difference: 0m
  (2) - Cooling: T1: indoor temp. 26,7°CDB, 19,4°CWB, outdoor temp. 35°CB, AHRI 1230:2010, power input indoor units (duct type) included
  (3) - Cooling: T3: indoor temp. 29,0°CDB, 19,0°CWB, outdoor temp. 46°CB, ISO15042:2011, power input indoor units (duct type) included
  (4) - Cooling: T2: indoor temp. 26,6°CDB, 19,4°CWB, outdoor temp. 48°CB, AHRI 1230:2010, power input indoor units (duct type) included
  (5) - Nominal heating capacities are based on: indoor temperature: 20°CDB, outdoor temperature: 7°CDB, 6°CWB, equivalent refrigerant piping: 5m, level difference: 0m.
  (6) - Heating: indoor temp. 20°CDB; outdoor temp. 7°CDB, 6°CWB; equivalent refrigerant piping: 7.5m; level difference: 0m
  (7) - Refer to refrigerant pipe selection or installation manual
  (8) - RLA is based on following conditions: indoor temp. 27°CDB, 19°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB
  (9) - MSC means the maximum current during start up of the compressor. This unit uses only inverter compressors. Starting current is always ≤ max. running current.
  (10) - In accordance with EN/IEC 61000-3-12, it may be necessary to consult the distribution network operator to ensure that the equipment is connected only to a supply wih Ssc ≥ minimum Ssc value
  (11) - MCA must be used to select the correct field wiring size. The MCA can be regarded as the maximum running current.
  (12) - MFA is used to select the circuit breaker and the ground fault circuit interrupter (earth leakage circuit breaker).
  (13) - TOCA means the total value of each OC set.
  (14) - FLA means the nominal running current of the fan